Castille Leadership Academy of Woodlawn

Design and Floor PlanWithout opportunity, Jeremiah wouldn’t be the man he is today and that’s why the development of the Castille Leadership Academy of Woodlawn is so essential.  The Castille Leadership Academy of Woodlawn is designed to provide a comprehensive mentoring and educational support program for inner city youth. The academy’s programs include educational tutoring, enrichment activities, character education, fine arts, career development and mentoring.

The Southern Education Foundation (SEF) released findings that 40% of Alabama students do not graduate with many dropping out before entering high school. In Jefferson County, 69% of children live in poverty, which is a contributing factor to at risk communities. Consequently, the Alabama business community has a vested interest in curtailing juvenile delinquency, reducing the dropout rate and improving education at all levels.  With their help and yours, we can raise self-esteems of at risk youth beginning in the Woodlawn community.

It’s the mission of Jeremiah Castille Foundation to empower, motive and educate youth to become self-sufficient, productive, goal oriented, fiscally responsible and law-abiding citizens.  Educational mentoring and after-school enrichment programs at the Castille Leadership Academy of Woodlawn will provide skills and resources necessary for at risk youth to be successful.

The Academy goals are to offer a Christian based program to serve at risk youth in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, and eventually spread throughout other areas of Alabama.  The center will improve academic achievement, provide organized prosocial activities, bible study, provide access to community programs and resources, increase parental involvement and provide a safe haven for children afterschool.

Jeremiah Castille Foundation is incredibly blessed to currently own a building on 1st Avenue North in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham.  Clean up and renovations are ongoing while this continues to be the prized jewel of the foundation’s efforts.