Men of Stille

men of stille2wsUniversity of Alabama Football Chapel Program

Jeremiah Castille knows all about success on the football field.  Having played for Coach Bryant for four years, winning a national championship, earning All American honors and a six year professional football career; including one Super Bowl appearance, he is a champion.

He spent many years as a player on the field and he is now involved behind the scenes and on the sidelines. Since 2001, he has served as the chaplain of the University of Alabama football team.  Working to strengthen spiritual and personal lives of Crimson Tide players is the goal of Men of Stille.

Jeremiah meets with players on Tuesday evenings for Bible study and holds a pre-game chapel each week.  Men of Stille allows him to feed into the lives of the players and provides a platform to be involved in their lives on a personal basis.  Sharing God’s word and ministering through Men of Stille gives the players a level of comfort and assurance. Hearing the word of God and relating it to where they currently are and the needs they have is powerful.

Character exemplifies many attributes that are imperative in a champion.  It is neat to be behind the scenes watching young men contribute on the field to the success of the team. As Jeremiah remembers, “Thirty years ago when I went to Alabama, Coach Bryant talked about being a champion and I wanted to be one. I learned from Coach Bryant that to be a champion, you have to learn from somebody.  Listen to Coach Saban and you learn that it is all about being a champion in every area of life, not just football.  I am echoing and reinforcing what Coach Saban believes and teaches the team.”

Men of Stille serves to build champions; to reveal hope that their lives can become all that God created them to be.  We want the players to set high goals and to achieve great things in every area of life.