Jeremiah Castille Ministries

Jeremiah Castille Ministry provides ministerial programs for marriage, family and individual Biblical counseling in addition to individual and group discipleship and evangelist engagements.

Jeremiah books in advance and does not have a required fee for serving as a guest pastor or church event, but does request a love offering.  We ask that you pray and give what God leads you to give.



Otis McGee

I met Jeremiah in 1998 at a Men’s Summer Camp at Briarwood Church. Jeremiah Castille trained and prepared young men for college. After his trainings, he would teach and talk about becoming a leader and [Read More]

Romeo Penn

I am honored to write this letter on behalf of Jeremiah Castille.  My name is Romeo Penn and I am an adopted child that knows what it means to be fatherless.  I know the pain of not knowing the woman who birthed me.  However, my life is [Read More]

Dr. Rodger & Vicki Morrison

Dear Chaplain Castille and family: We so enjoyed hearing your message of love at Chapel in the Pines on Sunday, August 15, 2010. We turned and looked at one another halfway into your sermon, knowing how very much to the heart of our matter you were speaking! We are currently between churches and decided to [Read More]

The Pate Family

Pre-marital counseling was a way for Heather and I to grow closer to one another spiritually, gain insights about each other’s expectations for the marriage, and develop the accountability and transparency that we know we will need in our marriage. Heather and I went through pre-marital counseling with Jeremiah and Jean, and what we learned [Read More]