Drew Crouse

2013_DREWDrew is a 1986 graduate of the University of Alabama where he obtained a bachelor’s degree of Science in Business Management.  Drew also has an Associate degree in Theology from Christ International Bible College. Drew has worked as a store manager for Bruno’s Supermarket, Cub Foods (SuperValu) and is currently the operational manager at Office Depot in Foley, Alabama.

Drew owns Tide Pride Sports along with his bride, Lisa. Tide Pride Sports offers a large variety of sports memorabilia.  Aside from his work with the JCF, Drew is involved with the Alabama Sheriffs Baldwin County Boys Ranch in Summerdale, Alabama, Jesse Duplantsis and James Robinson Ministries, Power 88 and K-Love radio stations as well as several Alabama alumni groups.

Drew’s relationship with the Castille’s goes back many years.  When Drew’s wife Lisa was paralyzed after a back surgery, Jean and Jeremiah became an instant source of support and constant prayer warriors.  The couples became very close and Drew became best friends with Jeremiah, his spiritual mentor.  Through this friendship, Drew began to help further the ministry.  After a few years, he was asked to join the board.

Drew has two daughters, Brittany and Chelsey.

Drew and his family attend Abiding Love Church in Foley, Alabama.

Drew says his goal is to share God’s love and His word with a lost and dying world.  Whether through volunteering or financially supporting those organizations that feed and clothe the needy, Drew knows that it’s important to continually show compassion to every person he meets.


Book:  Bible
Food:  Hamburger
Movie: Forrest Gump
Song:  Any Casting Crowns Song
Time of Day: Morning
Season: Fall
Place in the World: Virgin Islands
Place to Pray: Office
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Biking, photography and drawing
Scripture:  2 Corinthians 5:17
Sports Team:  Alabama
Sport: College football


Birthday: Halloween same as Coach Saban
Nickname:  Mr. Drew/Uncle Drew
Where were you born? Montgomery, AL
Where do you live now?  Foley, AL
Best Thing Someone Said to You:  Jesus loves you
Life Motto: Love God Love people
Three People I’d Like to MeetJoel Osteen, Joseph Prince and Casting Crowns
My Heroes: Jesus
One of My Greatest Experiences with God: Easter Sunday when I was 12